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Garden Lights for Leominster, MassachusettsGarden lighting is a great way to bring out the details and textural beauty of just about any garden. If you’re thinking of adding decorative lighting to your garden this spring, the first thing you should remember is that a little light goes a long way. Nothing spoils the effect like flooding the area with bright, white light.

A properly designed garden lighting system offers a number of benefits including:

  • Adds beauty and highlights features in your garden
  • Provides a dramatic backdrop to outdoor activities
  • Enhances safety by discreetly lighting hazardous features such as steps, walls, and patio edges

Garden lights for any locale in New England should be designed with the seasons in mind. That means utilizing flexibility by incorporating such products as LED exterior spike lights that can be moved around the garden in response to seasonal changes in the plants and beds. As certain plants die back and features such as rocks, shrubs and trees figure more prominently in the landscape, you can move your lights around to highlight different features. Low wattage LEDs enable you to light your landscape more energy-efficiently so you don’t have to feel guilty about energy consumption.

Hiring a professional landscape designer such as Greg’s Irrigation will help ensure that you have a lighting design that is not only beautiful and cost-efficient but safe. If your lighting system is being installed as part of a hardscape such as a patio or pool decking, the right lighting design and products can be incorporated into the overall landscape design to discreetly light walkways, steps, and other potential hazards. A creative system of garden lights can utilize both flexible and fixed lighting products to provide you with maximum utility and versatility.

While most garden lights are black, the ones that usually blend into landscapes best are olive green. Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate (acquire an aged patina) and age to a beautiful, neutral green color for a more antique look. When mounted high up in a tree as a downlight, bronze fittings blend in well with the color of most tree trunks and can provide pools of light at the base. A professional outdoor lighting designer can help you decide on the best type and color of lighting products to suit your taste, outdoor space, and budget.

To learn more about garden lights and developing an outdoor lighting design for your property, contact Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. today.

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