In-Ground Sprinkler System

In-ground sprinkler system An in-ground sprinkler system is the foundation of proper lawn care, enabling homeowners to provide predictable, controllable moisture to vulnerable grass plants. The right automatic residential irrigation system takes the hassle out of watering your lawn, providing just the right amount of moisture at key times. To make sure you get the right system for your specific lawn and environmental conditions, you need an in-ground system specialist such as Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. in Leominster, MA.

An in-ground sprinkler system from Greg’s Irrigation is an ideal solution for central New England lawns because:

  • It provides more efficient and effective watering
  • It provides more reliable watering with scheduled, automated turn-on and shut-off times
  • A professionally designed and installed irrigation system provides better coverage
  • An automated irrigation system saves you time and money

With a in-ground sprinkler system from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. there’s no more dragging heavy hoses around your yard. Best of all, we can install a WiFi controller that enables you to control your sprinkler system remotely. You can use your smartphone to set up automated sprinkler schedules, see a watering calendar, and turn your sprinklers on or off. A smart irrigation system can detect rain and automatically shut off or not even start your sprinklers so you can take advantage of Mother Nature’s own sprinkler system.

Whether you’re a new homeowner with a brand-new lawn, or a long-time resident still fighting the lawn-watering battle, at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. we can help you with a properly designed and installed in-ground sprinkler system and any of the surrounding communities in greater Central Mass. Whatever your specific situation and property layout, we can provide just the right residential sprinkler system to take care of your lawn, shrubbery, flower beds, gardens, and even planters.

in-ground sprinkler system installation from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. will keep your lawn and gardens in top shape from season to season, even in the harsh New England climate. Our systems feature an automated watering timer to ensure no more over- or under-watering, resulting in more efficient watering. Using a moisture sensor can help fine-tune your watering schedule even more, shutting your system off or turning it on when a certain percentage of moisture is present in the ground. And a WiFi-enabled irrigation controller means you can control your sprinkler system from just about anywhere using a mobile app on your smartphone. You can even reap additional savings from healthier, longer-living plants and grass that won’t need frequent replacement due to inadequate watering.

The trained irrigation specialists here at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. have the expertise and experience you need for a high-quality in-ground sprinkler system designed to meet your specific needs and environmental conditions. Contact us today.

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