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If there’s one thing predictable about New England weather, it’s how unpredictable it can be. Wet, cold springs can easily turn to hot, dry summers and it can be tough for homeowners to maintain a beautiful lawn for all those outdoor summer activities. If you’ve been struggling every year with keeping your lawn green and growing and your flowers and shrubs fresh and blooming irrigation installation is one of the best ways you can achieve the lawn and garden results of your dreams. An irrigation installation will keep your lawn and plantings in top shape from season to season, even in the harsh New England climate.

An irrigation installation from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. is an ideal solution that will provide a number of benefits, including:

  • More efficient and effective watering
  • Automated irrigation to save you time and money
  • More reliable watering – no more trying to remember if you turned your system on or off
  • Better coverage from a professionally designed and installed irrigation system

A properly-designed and installed irrigation installation from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. features an automated watering timer to ensure no more over- or under-watering, resulting in more efficient watering to potentially lower your water bills. Using a moisture sensor as part of your irrigation installation can help fine-tune your watering schedule even more, shutting your system off or turning it on when a certain percentage of moisture is present in the ground. You can even reap additional savings from healthier, longer-living plants and grass that won’t need frequent replacement due to inadequate watering.

It’s been estimated that outside water usage can reach 70 percent of the total water used during certain months of the year. And while being green is a good thing and growing healthy plants is good for the environment, you may be using more water than necessary to keep your lawn and landscape green and healthy. That’s where a smart irrigation installation comes into play.

At Greg’s Irrigation, Inc., we’re trained specialists with the expertise and experience you need to get a professional irrigation installation designed to meet your specific needs and environmental conditions. Give us a call today.

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