Irrigation System Maintenance

Irrigation System Maintenance

It is important to keep your irrigation systems in good working order. At Greg’s Irrigation, Inc., located in Leominster, MA we know just how important these systems are in playing a crucial role in ensuring that plants and lawns receive the water they need to grow. Being residents of Central Massachusetts ourselves, we also understand that the weather here can be unpredictable, and relying on rainfall will not deliver the best-looking lawn on the block. But did you know that having an irrigation system is just the beginning? If your system is not properly maintained, it can lead to a host of problems, including water waste, brown dried out lawns, and even plant death.

Here are a few things Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. will help you with to keep your system in working order.

  • Regular Inspections
  • Water pressure checks
  • Sprinkler Adjustment
  • Irrigation Controller Updates

The first step for irrigation system maintenance is to conduct regular inspections. This process should be done at least once a season, but we suggest doing it more often, preferably during the growing season, to check for leaks, broken pipes, and other issues. When you call Greg’s Irrigation, Inc., we inspect all the components of the system, including pipes, sprinklers, valves, and controllers. We look for signs of wear and tear, such as breaks, cracks or worn out components and replace any damaged parts immediately. Even the smallest leak can add up to significant water waste over time, so it’s important to catch and fix them early.

Having the proper water pressure is also important for ensuring that your irrigation system works effectively. If water pressure is too low, plants may not receive enough water, and if the pressure is too high, it can be a big waste of water. When water pressure is too high, it can cause the spray from the head to become a mist. The mist has a greater chance to be carried off target by the slightest wind, causing a lot of waste. Pressure regulating heads and devices can be installed to prevent this saving water and money. Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. checks the system’s water pressure regularly and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure that it falls within the recommended range. We make sure your irrigation system maintenance is working smoothly and providing your landscape with the water it needs.

Now, let’s discuss sprinkler coverage. When providing irrigation system maintenance, sprinklers should be adjusted periodically to ensure that they are providing even coverage in the desired areas. Landscapes mature and change over time, so sometimes heads need to be moved or adjusted. The goal is to deliver water uniformly to avoid under-watering and over-watering of the landscape. Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. will adjust sprinklers to minimize overspray onto hardscape, streets or sidewalks, and make sure proper coverage of the turf and landscape is occurring.

The final step in maintaining your irrigation system is to check the controller settings regularly. Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. ensures the controller is set to operate the system at the correct time of day for the best efficiency. When providing irrigation system maintenance we will adjust the watering schedule based on weather, seasonal changes and water restrictions. With today’s technological advancements in controllers, irrigation systems are more precise and efficient, saving water and energy. Greg’s Irrigation knows exactly how to make that technology work for you and will make sure to explain to the customer why these changes are necessary. We even ensure the customer knows what to look for in the landscape to identify when adjustments are needed.

Proper irrigation system maintenance is crucial to ensure an efficient use of water and the delivery of healthy landscapes. Regular inspection, proper water pressure, adjusting sprinklers and controller settings are key components to maintaining an irrigation system. By taking these steps, Greg’s Irrigation ensures that your system is operating effectively, saving water, reducing plant stress and keeping your landscape healthy. So get in touch with them right away to provide your expert irrigation services.

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