Lawn Care

A Gorgeous Lawn. One Step at a Time.

A beautiful, healthy lawn doesn’t happen by accident. It takes knowledge, experience, and top-quality, professional lawn care products correctly applied to achieve a lush, green lawn all season long.

Custom – not cookie-cutter – lawn care.
At Greg’s Irrigation & Lawn Care, we have the training and years of experience to create the ideal lawn care program custom-tailored to your lawn. Unlike the big, national services that often provide a generic, “one-size-fits-all” program regardless of your soil type and growing conditions, we’ll do a careful, custom evaluation of your lawn, recommend improvements where needed, and then develop a specific program to address your unique needs.

Regular applications, done right.
Applications are made using state-of-the-art commercial lawn care technology to ensure your lawn is getting the best treatment possible. We use a blend of granular fertilizers that gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to keep grass green between applications.

We treat any weeds with a safe liquid herbicide to remove them quickly and completely, leaving you with a thick, healthy lawn. All the products we use are proven safe and effective to treat your lawn while keeping your family and pets safe.

Our custom, 5-step program includes:

Step 1: Pre-emergent crabgrass prevention
A pre-emergent crabgrass preventer is applied in early spring to protect your lawn from unsightly, invasive crabgrass all season long. A quick-release fertilizer is also applied to help green up your lawn after the winter.

Step 2: A second crabgrass barrier application
Once crabgrass gets established it can be tough to get rid of. That’s why we ensure your lawn stays crabgrass-free throughout the growing season with a second treatment in conjunction with a high-nutrient fertilizer that keeps feeding your lawn through the end of spring and into early summer. Any other weeds that may have made an appearance in your lawn are quickly treated to stop them dead.

Step 3: Grub control
In early summer we apply grub control to prevent Japanese beetles from laying eggs and producing the grubs that feed on your tender grass roots. This is an important step to prevent these hungry pests from nesting in your soil and destroying your lawn. Once dead, brown spots begin to appear in your lawn, it’s too late — the damage has been done. A balanced fertilizer is also applied at this time to prepare your lawn for the hot summer ahead.

Step 4: Summer recovery fertilization
Summer can be stressful on any lawn. The hot sun, drying winds, and other summertime conditions can take a toll. A late season fertilizer application helps provide the nutrition your grass needs to revive itself and stay healthy throughout the rest of the growing season. A liquid weed control is also applied to treat any unsightly weeds that may have popped up.

Step 5: Winter preparation
A slow release fertilizer is applied in the fall to prepare your lawn for the dormancy of winter. This important step helps minimize disease, keeps your lawn looking green right up to the first snow, and helps it green up quicker next spring.

Additional Services
Our custom, 5-step program is the cornerstone of our lawn care service, designed to get your lawn looking beautiful and keeping it that way. However, we offer several other services to make your lawn even better:

• Lime application
The acidity of your soil, indicated by its ph level, plays an important part in the overall health of your lawn. Applying lime helps correct and balance your lawn’s ph level for better nutrition and lusher, greener grass.

• Flea and tick control
Fleas and ticks carry diseases that can harm your pets and your entire family. Our comprehensive flea and tick control program safely and effectively kills these parasitic pests where they live, before they can bite.

• Overseeding/slice-seeding
Thin areas of your lawn can benefit from over-seeding in the fall to thicken it up and prevent weeds from taking hold. For even more effective reseeding, slice-seeding cuts slices into your lawn to help seeds go deeper for nutrients and moisture, and establish new grass better.

• Aeration
Core aeration helps break up compacted soil and improve air exchange as well as water and nutrient absorption. It also provides better drainage so your lawn dries out faster to prevent fungus. Aeration is typically done in the fall.

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