Sprinkler Startups for Groton, Massachusetts

Sprinkler Startups for Groton, MassachusettsThe winter is finally over. Those freezing days are behind us. You take a look outside to take in the first day of spring and realize it’s time to consider starting up your lawn sprinkler system. Thankfully, all you need to do is contact Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. in Leominster, MA, and let us handle the heavy lifting.

But what is it we do to make sure the time is right? Great question. First, we monitor the weather forecast. We want to make sure that there are not any freezing temperatures for at least two-weeks. We do so to ensure any components above ground will not freeze and break. We will then check the ground to see if it is still frozen. We do this by digging twelve inches into the ground. If the ground is still frozen at any depth within those twelve inches, we will recommend waiting to do your sprinkler startups, Groton, Massachusetts.

Here are the steps we will take in getting your system back up and running.

  • Inspect the point of connection where the water enters the irrigation system from the house.
  • Inspect backflow, check for cracked pipes, and make sure everything is set before turning on the water.
  • Make sure any drains or valves are closed.
  • Slowly turn on water to the system from the main water valve, making sure not to cause any water hammer.
  • Once the main line is filled, and the system pressurized, it’s time to test the system.

We find that when we do the initial Groton, Massachusetts sprinkler startups, we power up the controller and turn on each zone, allowing them to completely fill with water and begin operating. This allows us to check heads and make minor adjustments for better coverage if needed. At this time, we will also check for leaks in pipes, mark out any issues and test all zones.

The last steps we will take with sprinkler startups, Groton, Massachusetts is inspecting backflow and the water meter to help further detect if there are any leaks. We will finish with making any repairs that were discovered during testing, and program the controller; making sure the date and time are set and correct, along with a new watering schedule for the season.

Get in touch with Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. for your Groton, Massachusetts irrigation startups or for any irrigation needs you have, including new systems, expanding systems, wifi controllers or updating your current system. Call us at (978) 833-8997 or send us a message by clicking HERE.

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