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sprinkler system costNew England weather is famous for extremities: bitterly cold winters, and often scorching hot summers. That makes it tough for homeowners to maintain lawns and gardens, especially when cool, wet springs suddenly turn into hot, dry summers. For all these reasons it can be tough to determine a reasonable sprinkler system cost. Fortunately Greg’s Irrigation based in Leominster, MA is an experienced central New England sprinkler system installer familiar with the specific systems that work best and are the most cost-efficient for the region.

Even in areas that receive higher-than-average rainfall, the inconsistency of New England rain makes it necessary to have some way to water lawns and landscaping during the dry periods to keep them lush and green. A sprinkler system from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. is an ideal solution that will provide a number of benefits at a highly competitive sprinkler system cost, including:

  • More efficient and effective watering
  • Smart controller with Wi-Fi provides convenient connectivity and system control
  • Automated irrigation to save you time and money
  • More reliable watering – no more trying to remember if you turned your system on or off
  • Better coverage from a professionally designed and installed irrigation system

The complete sprinkler system cost from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. basically includes:

  • Piping: Poly pipes buried 8-12 inches below the lawn’s surface to carry water to the sprinklers heads
  • Sprinkler heads: A typical residential sprinkler system has approximately 4-6 sprinkler heads that pop-up when activated and distribute water to the surrounding area – how many you need is determined by water pressure and flow
  • The controller: a smart controller and electronic timer that are installed in the garage or other out-of-the-way place and controls the activation and timing of the sprinkler system
  • Zone valves: connected to the controller and set in underground, easy-to-access boxes, zone valves enable water to flow through the pipes to a set number of sprinkler heads at times designated by the controller

A properly-designed and installed irrigation system from Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. features an automated watering timer included in the sprinkler system cost to ensure no more over- or under-watering, resulting in more efficient watering to potentially lower your water bills. Using a rain sensor as part of your installation can help fine-tune your watering schedule even more, shutting your system off when it has rained.

To learn more about an irrigation system for your property, contact the experts here at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc.. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate showing an accurate sprinkler system cost that we’ll guarantee.

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