WiFi sprinkler controller

Everything these days seems to be connected through WiFi and lawn irrigation systems are no different. Like many home maintenance systems such as heating, air conditioning, and lighting, irrigation has become smart, so it is, with a WiFi sprinkler controller.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of watering your lawn, we can help you out here at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc.. We can set you up with a smart lawn irrigation system and a WiFi sprinkler controller that offers a number of valuable benefits, including:

  • Highly versatile control settings enabling you to set up an automated schedule for your specific watering needs and see a watering calendar to keep track of when and how often your sprinkler system is running.
  • Remote system monitoring and  control Convenient system access anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or the web for remote management. Monitor, view, and manage your irrigation controller easily from all your devices.
  • Voice control Many smart systems enable you to take advantage of the convenience of your digital assistant – just tell Siri or Alexa what you want your sprinkler system to do and she’ll take care of it.  
  • A real “brain” Today’s smart lawn irrigation systems feature artificial intelligence that uses a variety of metrics to analyze information you provide and determine watering times based on how quickly water evaporates from your lawn and other criteria. Your WiFi sprinkler controller will also automatically calculate the length and frequency of watering times to reduce run-off and maximize absorption and adopt the schedule to meet the changing needs of the seasons.
  • Big savings on your water bill as your smart controller optimizes watering time and adjust according to the current weather 
  • Real-time weather awareness as your smart irrigation system can detect rain and automatically shut off or delay waterings to take advantage of rainfall and also adjusts off due to temperature.

Your WiFi sprinkler controller and smart irrigation system, like most connected devices, is controlled with software that’s programmed for your specific system and irrigation requirements. A smart WiFi sprinkler controller is designed to replace the existing analog sprinkler controller in older automated systems and provide significantly more flexible, versatile, and intelligent control. When installed by a licensed smart irrigation system professional such as the experts at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc., your smart sprinkler system will show an immediate and substantial improvement over older systems.

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