Winterize Sprinkler System

Winterize Sprinkler SystemCold weather is just around the corner, and now’s the time to start thinking about how to winterize sprinkler system. A lawn irrigation system that isn’t properly prepped for the cold season with winterizing, including a pressurized system flush, can waste your water and your money come springtime. Fortunately, Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. in Leominster, MA provides expert, cost-efficient winterization that can save you money and headaches because a system damaged by freezing temperatures and frost heaves can require expensive repairs and cause delays during the prime spring growing season.

Our winterize sprinkler system service includes:

  • Main line shut-off to prevent water from entering the system
  • Set controller to winter mode
  • Draining to remove water in system pipes
  • Back-flow connection system check by a professional irrigation system specialist
  • All pipes and systems flushed with compressed air to clear them of any remaining water and winterize them to prevent freezing

A winterize sprinkler system service is important because if your lawn irrigation system does not receive proper attention before cold weather sets in, you run the risk of having the lines, sprinkler heads, and backflow preventer valve freeze and crack. This will not only incur significant repair costs that are easily avoidable, it will also prevent you from getting an early start on watering your lawn and gardens next Spring.

At Greg’s Irrigation, we provide all the necessary care that your irrigation system needs to handle the harsh New England environment. You can rest easy, with complete peace of mind all winter long knowing that your lawn irrigation system is well-protected from winter’s harsh effects with our comprehensive winterize sprinkler system service.

Don’t take chances this winter. Call the lawn irrigation system experts at Greg’s Irrigation, Inc. for your complete winterize sprinkler system service.

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